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5 Exotic Hardwoods You Should Consider in 2020

If you are planning on upgrading your floors to hardwood, you may have started the process of trying to decide which wood to choose. And trust us… We know there are a bunch of options which can be a little overwhelming. 

Before you settle on a final decision, we want to make sure you’ve been exposed to Exotic Hardwood. When it comes to investing in the look (and value) of your home – exotic woods offer an exceptional level above the rest – and is always on trend

Our team has put together a list of the top exotic hardwoods you should be considering for your home- not only are they rich in quality, they are durable and offer a wide variety of textures and colors for you to choose from. 

  1. Brazilian Cherry

Also known as Jatoba, this South American hardwood is a good fit for families with children and pets because the hardness and durability stand up to a lot of wear and tear.

The color variation is stunning, as it can range from fiery reds – to bright, vibrant oranges in color. Brazilian Cherry also handles sanding and refinishing well, so it can last a long time with proper care.

  1. Bamboo

This type of hardwood has been gaining its popularity over the past few years. The wood has an attractive neutral shade that offers a clean feel to it, and complements a minimalistic design style extremely well.

Bamboo also hides scratches and dents well, making it good for high traffic areas.

  1. Teak

Teak has long been prized for its durability. You can often find it in warm tones, from light to dark brown – and over time, it can develop an attractive patina to it.

Because Teak is so hard, it makes a good choice for commercial and residential flooring.

  1. Brazilian Pecan

This exotic hardwood is darker than its American cousin, but it’s the dense, rustic quality and variations in coloring that makes it a trendsetter.

Homeowners who like a natural element to go with a contemporary style or farmhouse chic look, are drawn to this type of wood for flooring material.

  1. Tigerwood

Much like you would expect from its name, this kind of wood has a distinct light and dark contrasting pattern.

Decorative, intricate tile for floors, bathrooms and backsplashes is all the rage right now, so it makes sense that a complementary hardwood would also capture the attention of designers and homeowners alike.

Tigerwood can mellow into a more subtle stripe over time, especially if your home has lots of natural sunlight.

Off the Beaten Path

When it comes to wood flooring installation, we understand that this is a long term commitment. Investing in flooring should not only appeal to you, but can add value to your home, if you choose to sell down the road.

We have a wide variety of wood flooring options and can help you select a flooring that is right for you. To see what options are available, call The Hardwood Giant Co. at (704) 251-7279 or visit our website online for more information.

Our team of Hardwood Flooring experts is more than happy to explain the benefits of hardwood varieties and help you with installation, maintenance and refinishing.