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The Benefits of Hardwood Floors in Charlotte, NC

Superior Hardwood Floors in Charlotte, NC

There’s an excellent reason why homeowners consider hardwood flooring to be the gold standard in home floor types. It’s simply because they are beautiful. Hardwood floors have durability and versatility that you cannot find with other flooring types. They work with almost all decor and every color scheme, meaning that no matter how often you want to adjust your wall colors and interior decor, your floors will always fit right in.

Hardwood flooring also has the bonus of being very easy to maintain, sustainable and hypoallergenic; no carpet fibers are holding in the dust and pet hair to make you sneeze!

The Optimal Floor For Every Lifestyle!

The biggest champions of hardwood flooring are families with young children and those with pets. Think about it, babies are bound to bounce around on your floors, young children often spill milk, juice or snacks on the floor, and pet hair is a never-ending battle for animal lovers.

It’s so much easier to clean up these messes on a hardwood floor than in the depths of the carpet. You can always layer area rugs to warm up a room when it gets chilly outside, but the durability and ease of cleaning hardwood floors make them an attractive option.

Babies spend a lot of their day crawling on the floor in the beginning – especially with sticky fingers! The last thing you need to worry about is the toxins and allergens going from your floors and moving into the mouth of your baby. It’s much easier to clean non-toxic material that makes up hardwood flooring.

Fluid Style and Versatility

Hardwood floors suit almost every type of home. It’s the flooring that fits older houses, modern houses, and even apartments. There’s a vast variety of paints, stains, and finishes available for hardwood flooring, and it’s a straightforward process to find a flooring style that suits your lifestyle. Most home improvement centers allow you to custom-blend a stain for your hardwood floor.

When you want a modern look, going for sophistication is vital. Rich neutrals, such as deep reds and ebony stains can give your home a uniform look.

For more of a Zen-style home, soft white woods and blonder hues can really allow the natural wood to shine.

Those who prefer a more rustic look should aim for the darker wood stains; warmer browns and auburn tones can be dressed up and down in a way that looks great for your home.

The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Installation, Charlotte, NC

The Hardwood Giant Co. are the experts you need when it comes to getting your hardwood floor installed in Charlotte, NC. We can help with sanding, staining and refinishing of hardwood floors. We work with you to get the flooring solution that works for your lifestyle, and we offer free estimates, too!

We do it right the first time, and our experts offer the highest quality craftsmanship with every floor. You’ll be satisfied from that first phone call, so, give The Hardwood Giant Co. a call today on (704) 251-7279 to find out what we can do for you today!