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Concord Wood flooring services

Hardwood Flooring Install

Refinish & Install Hardwood Floors Concord, NC

A hardwood floor adds beauty and value to a home. It looks fabulous with every style of furnishings from country to contemporary. With proper maintenance, it will last hundreds of years. Our experts at the Hardwood Giant Company can come to your Concord, NC home and help you install, refinish, restore and maintain stunning wood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Concord, NC

Our experienced craftsmen at The Hardwood Giant offer the finest hardwood, laminate and prefinished brand name products. We help you to carefully match color and pick out polyurethane. Our Dust Containment Systems eliminate the inconvenience of dust from remodeling or installation projects. Eliminating dust makes it easier than ever to change colors, install additions and make repairs on the wood floors in your Concord, NC home.

Types of Wood Floors Available For Homes

When it comes to wood floors, you can choose unfinished or prefinished. Prefinished wood is already stained and sealed in a factory. It can be sanded and refinished later if maintenance is necessary. Installation is faster and less messy with prefinished wood floors. The installation of unfinished wood takes longer. The surface is leveled, sanded and stained. A seal is placed on the surface including the grooves between planks. When it becomes necessary, repairing scratches, dents or discolorations does not require removing a whole plank. It is an easy matter to restore the floor to its original beauty. We also offer hand scraped wood floors in which scrapes and gouges are created for a rustic and original appearance. Distressed flooring is another option for achieving this look.

Keeping Your Hardwood Floor Looking Good

Hardwood floor maintenance is easy. Use products that will not scratch or discolor the surface. Do not use oil, wax, or a wet mop, and do not steam clean it. The surface can be damaged by spills, dirt and scratches. Shake out entryway rugs and sweep away dirt. Wipe up liquids, including water, immediately. Liquids can change the color of the wood, cause it to peel, create a dull-looking area, or cause an area to buckle.

Custom Wood Floor Designs

Whether your goal is to install, refinish, restore, or maintain a hardwood floor or staircase, Hardwood Giant can help you pick out beautiful floors and borders to enhance your Concord, NC home. Our selection includes domestic hardwoods and exotic species. You can mix and match for special patterns, and our experts can assist you with more custom features. We are licensed and insured. We also carry a worker’s compensation policy and are quick and guarantee our work. Contact Hardwood Giant today for a free estimate on a new wood floor installation or adding to an existing wood floor in your Concord, NC home.

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