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The hardwood floors in your Charlotte area home are ready to be refinished when they really start to show signs of wear and tear. The finish will start to get dull, and you may see normal scratches from pets or moving furniture. You can also do a “water test”. Pour a tablespoon of water on the floor (preferably a high traffic area). If the water disappears into the floor or leaves a dark stain, it’s time to refinish. If the water beads up, your finish is still intact.


Yes, we do. We use one of the best dustless refinishing systems in the industry. The Bona Dust Collection System is regarded as the finest system because it uses a hospital grade HEPA filter and a cyclonic intake system. This cuts down on the amount of dust during the refinishing process, and helps keep your home nice and clean. We also can provide a house cleaner for a nominal charge to do a detailed cleaning after the project is completed.


The true answer is: it depends. It can depend on what type of floor you have (solid or engineered), what type of equipment is used, and even the skill of the professional refinishing your floors. The National Wood Floor Association says that if done by a professional, wood floors should only need to be refinished every 10-15 years.


The main benefit of a hardwood floor is that they are timeless because they never go out of style. With proper care, a hardwood floor can last for decades, which means it’s also one of the most cost effective flooring options available.

Hardwoods are also very easy to maintain. Simple sweeping and vacuuming is sufficient, with an occasional deep cleaning thrown in.

There are also many varieties and styles available today. You can install traditional oak flooring or go with Bamboo or hand scraped pine. There is a style for every taste.

Wood floors are also healthier than most floors. Because of their smooth surface, they don’t collect dust and other particles, which can aggravate allergies.


Wood expands and contracts and the amount of humidity in the air can contribute to your wood floor moving. As the floor moves, the nail holes can loosen up. This means the wood planks can rub together, which creates the squeaking sound. Over time, ductwork and sub-flooring may become loose and rub against the hardwood floors. If the basement below is open, we can sometimes make repairs to eliminate these noises.


It really depends on the situation. Unfinished flooring works the best when you are trying to match an existing floor, cabinets, or trim. Unfinished also may be preferred in a historical home where you are trying to maintain its integrity.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is great for high traffic areas. They are also more economical and can be installed quickly. Plus, the installation tends to be a little cleaner.

Call The Hardwood Giant flooring experts today, and we’ll be able to talk to you about the various options for your Charlotte, NC home.