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Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Charlotte, NC

Serving Charlotte, Fort Mill & Surrounding Areas

The Hardwood Giant has been providing hardwood floor refinishing in Charlotte and surrounding areas for years. One of the things we are known for is the incredible customer service we provide for your hardwood refinishing project. It all begins with a free consultation in your home, and continues through a professional hardwood floor refinishing project. After your hardwood flooring is done, we are available to answer any questions about caring for your newly refinished floor. Just contact us at 704.251.7279.

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing Keeps Your Charlotte Home Clean

The Hardwood Giant provides dustless hardwood floor refinishing when we do your hardwood flooring in Charlotte. The days of a messy, dust-filled landscape following the refinishing of hardwood floors are a thing of the past thanks to our Dust Containment Systems from Bona & Clarke.

These dust containment systems use powerful suction that sucks the dust from sanding right into a sealed tube and disposes it outside of your home in our dust containment bin. These professional systems never even give dust the opportunity to pollute the air in your home. Its strong vacuum leaves your floors dust free for the best results when staining and sealing. This sanding process is super convenient, plus it’s environmentally friendly too because no chemicals are needed for stripping the old finish.

In the old days of floor sanding and refinishing, you would have to seal off the rest of your home and even then, dust would collect in the duct system and get into every room. With the dustless hardwood refinishing equipment, your duct work is clean and there’s no way any dust can settle back on your floor to mar its perfect finish.

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process In Your Charlotte, NC Home

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Charlotte | Hardwood Giant | Hardware Giant Co.

The hardwood floor refinishing process starts with sanding your hardwood floor with a rough paper to eliminate any depressions, dings, or inconsistencies, and to create a solid foundation to assure the best adhesion of your urethane. Moving to finer sandpaper, we remove all scratches from the initial sanding.

Because we use different machines for the main floor and edges, during the third and final round of sanding, we buff the floor with a screen to bring the edges and main floor together before applying stain or urethane. Following all sanding and buffing, we employ the most thorough vacuuming process to remove all dirt and dust that could impair the finish quality.

Next, we apply three coats of high-quality commercial grade urethane. You also can choose a variety of hardwood floor stain colors to create a truly unique hardwood floor for your home. Here are more details about your stain options.

Before applying the final coat, we will buff the hardwood floor to knock down any imperfections, creating the smoothest surface possible. We use commercial grade oil & H20 finish by Bona, Glitsa, PoloPlaz & Synteko. These products will extend the life of your floor and are applied for high traffic areas in residential & commercial wood floors.

Stair Refinishing Makes Your Home Beautiful

Nothing has as much character as a beautiful, lustrous, cascading staircase of wooden steps and rails. While the process is indeed tedious and time consuming, the finished product is more than worth the work. Allow the Hardwood Giant team of highly trained professionals to refinish your wooden staircase today and realize everything that your staircase can be.

Call The Hardwood Giant today for your new hardwood floor installation in Charlotte or the next time you need hardwood floor refinishing.

Charlotte Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Hardwood flooring can add beauty and elegance to any home in Charlotte, North Carolina; however, if the floor is dented, scratched, discolored or worn, it may take away from the appeal of the home, potentially decreasing its overall value. However, if your floors consist of hardwood, and they are less than perfect, your hardwood floors have the potential to look amazing once again! Just contact The Hardwood Giant Co. at 704.251.7279. We have the experienced hardwood floor refinishing craftsmen you need to restore the beauty that your wood floors have lost.

Scuff Marks, Scratches and Dents Can All Be Addressed with Refinishing

It is common for hardwood floors to sustain scuff marks and become worn over time. In addition, high heels and a pet’s untrimmed nails can wreak havoc on these floors. The UV rays of the sun can cause areas of a hardwood floor to appear faded or discolored. While these issues are disheartening, the good news is that The Hardwood Giant Co. can address each of these problems and return your hardwood flooring to its previous glory! We can accomplish this by refinishing your floors. You may choose to restore your hardwood floor to its previous color or change it up with something new.

Dust-Free Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Charlotte, North Carolina

Our skilled craftsmen can refinish your floors to make them look like new. In the past, hardwood floor refinishing was an inconvenient and messy process. The rooms in the home that were being sanded and refinished had to be sealed off from the rest of the home. Even then, the dust collected in the duct system and was then dispersed throughout the home anyway. However, cutting-edge technology has made this process less daunting. At The Hardwood Giant Co., we use Bona and Clarke Dust Containment Systems (DCS). These systems have improved the hardwood floor refinishing process tremendously by eliminating the accumulation of dust that occurs throughout the sanding process.

How Our DCS System Works

With the DCS, as our craftsman sands the floor, the dust is immediately sucked up into a sealed tube and then disposed of in our dust containment bin, which sits outside of the client’s home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since the dust is immediately transported to an outside bin, it never even has the opportunity to enter the air in the home. Furthermore, these dust containment systems eliminate the need for hours of cleanup before the staining and sealing process can begin. In addition, whereas some companies use chemicals to strip the old finish off the floor, our sanding process does not require the use of chemicals, therefore, it is an environmentally friendly process.

We Have Been Providing Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services for Years

At The Hardwood Giant Co., we have been providing professional hardwood floor refinishing services to Charlotte and its surrounding communities for years. We are known for our incredible customer service, skilled craftsmen and the high-quality products we offer.

Your Complimentary In-Home Consultation

The process of hardwood floor refinishing begins with an in-home consultation. This consultation is provided free-of-charge. Our experienced representative will take the time to examine your hardwood flooring, ask questions about what you would like your newly refinished hardwood flooring to look like and answer any questions that you may have about the hardwood floor refinishing process. Simply call 704.251.7279 today to schedule your complimentary consultation at your home in Charlotte.

Hardwood Floor Installation Charlotte

What to Expect During the Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process in Charlotte

Sanding and Buffing

The first step of the hardwood floor refinishing process is sanding the floor with rough sandpaper. This initial sanding process eliminates any inconsistencies, depressions and scratches in the floor.

A Solid Foundation

Once the initial sanding is complete, the floor has a solid foundation. A solid foundation ensures that the urethane adheres properly. Next, we use a finer sandpaper to remove any scratches that were left behind following the initial sanding process. Since we use a variety of machines while sanding the main floor and its edges, we buff the floor during the third round of sanding. This buffing process is completed using a screen that brings the main floor and its edges together.

A Thorough Vacuuming

Our DCS system has made sanding hardwood floors a much cleaner process; however, the buffing process will create a bit of debris. Therefore, once buffing is complete, we remove this debris using an extremely thorough vacuuming process. This is a very important step because any dirt or dust that is left behind could impair the quality of your new floor’s finish.

Staining the Floor

After the floor is thoroughly vacuumed, we can begin the staining process. At The Hardwood Giant Co., we offer a variety of stain colors for wood floors. So, you can change the look of your room by choosing something new, or just choose a color that closely resembles the original one. Remember that if you are not quite sure what to do, you can always ask for suggestions from our craftsmen.

Urethane Application

Following staining, we apply high-quality commercial grade urethane. To ensure durability, we apply three coats of this urethane during the hardwood floor refinishing process.

Buffing and Applying the Last Coat of Urethane

Prior to the application of the final coat, we buff the floor and vacuum one last time. By buffing the floor, we eliminate any surface imperfections in the urethane itself to create the smoothest floor surface possible.

We Use Quality Products to Extend the Life of Your Hardwood Floors

At The Hardwood Giant Co., we use high-quality, commercial-grade products that are designed to extend the life of your hardwood floors. The products we use also extend the longevity of the high-traffic areas in your Charlotte, North Carolina home or business. For example, we use commercial grade oil and H2O finishes manufactured by Bona, Poloplaz, Glitsa and Synteko.

Our Craftsmen Also Refinish Staircases

Nothing provides a home in Charlotte, North Carolina and its surrounding communities with more character than a cascading staircase that consists of wooden rails, and steps. When a staircase such as this is beautifully finished, it can become the artistic centerpiece in any home. Let our team of highly-trained and exceptionally-skilled craftsmen refinish your wooden staircase so it can be everything you want it to be.

At The Hardwood Giant Co., we take great pride in providing the residents in and around Charlotte with high-quality products, and superior workmanship. Whether you need your hardwood floors refinished or repaired, or you would like hardwood floors to be installed, we are here to help. Our experienced craftsmen are experts in the field of hardwood flooring refinishing and repairing: In addition, their wood floor installation skills are remarkable.

The Hardwood Giant Co. in Charlotte, North Carolina, is fully licensed and insured: We also carry Worker’s Compensation insurance. Contact us today at (704) 251-7279 to schedule your in-home consultation. We typically return all phone calls within 24 hours and can usually begin your hardwood flooring project within 48 hours of your approval.

Hardwood Floor
Refinishing Charlotte

The Hardwood Giant Co. excels in hardwood floor installation and refinishing in Charlotte, NC, and nearby areas.

We offer comprehensive services from start to finish, ensuring quality and precision on every project, with a commitment to getting it right on the first try.


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