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Hardwood Floor Maintenance in Charlotte, NC

​Serving Charlotte, Fort Mill & Surrounding Areas

Hardwood floor maintenance is not difficult. There are just a few basic do’s and dont’s that you have to remember. The vast majority of hardwood floors have a polyurethane finish. You should not use wax or oil on a polyurethane finish. Also, do not use harsh, abrasive cleaners like Comet®, steel wool pads because they will scratch the surface and leave it dull. Steam cleaning is also not recommended for hardwood floors. It’s best to use products you know are created strictly for hardwood floor care like Bona’s Hardwood Floor Care System. For Hardwood floor maintenance in Charlotte NC contact the professionals at Hardwood Giant, today for a quote.

Protect your Hardwood Floors from:

  • Dirt & Grit – your hardwood floor will no doubt get dirt and grit on it carried in from outdoors on the bottoms of shoes. It’s unavoidable. These scratch-inducing mini-rocks act like sandpaper when walked on. It is important to keep up on the maintenance of hardwood flooring by sweeping often with a soft bristle broom or even better, use a microfiber dusting pad which will capture even smaller particles than a broom. Don’t forget that throw rugs used on hardwood flooring trap a lot of dirt and should be shaken out often as well. Always use rugs with natural backing not rubber on the surface of a hardwood floor.
  • Spills – wipe up any spills on your hardwood floor that you see, immediately. If the liquid contains color or dyes, it could stain your hardwood floor if allowed to soak in. Soak it up and wipe again with a slightly dampened towel to get the remaining residue.
  • Water – plain old water is not a friend to your wood floor either. It can dull the finish, cause peeling, cloudiness and even warping. Never wet mop a wood floor when performing your regular hardwood floor maintenance. Use a cleaner made for hardwood floors and a soft cleaning pad.

Maintenance for your Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Maintenance in Charlotte, NC

With proper hardwood floor care and maintenance, a Hardwood Giant hardwood floor can last 50 years or more. Besides sweeping regularly and quickly removing any spills, here are some other tips that will extend the life and beauty of your hardwood floor.

  1. Sliding heavy items like refrigerators, couches, tables, etc. can scratch or even gouge your hardwood floors. Make sure, if you can’t lift the item, to use a moving dolly or cart with inflated rubber tires.
  2. Keep an eye on your pets’ nails. They can cause serious damage to a hardwood floor. Make sure their nails are kept short and use rugs in heavy traffic areas or where your pets spend a lot of time. Consider this as part of our regular hardwood floor maintenance routine.
  3. Use lots of throw rugs especially at entryways from outside areas like the garage, front and back doors. They capture dirt and keep it from being deposited onto your wood floor where it can act like sandpaper when walked on. Here’s a tip for new floor owners – don’t add throw rugs until 30 days after your floor has been refinished. The finish needs exposure to air to cure properly.
  4. Watch out for athletic shoes with cleats. Make sure they are removed before walking on hardwood floors. Also, check the bottoms of ladies’ high heels to make sure the heel pad is intact and the nail is not exposed. High heels concentrate weight in a very small area and can easily damage hardwood floors.
  5. Try to keep the humidity level in your home consistent throughout the year. This may mean adding a humidifier to your HVAC system to add extra humidity in the wintertime. In the summer, your air conditioner will work as a dehumidifier, but if you don’t run it, consider purchasing separate dehumidifier. Adding this to your hardwood floor maintenance plan will increase the life of your hardwood flooring.
  6. Add soft pads to table and chair legs to help prevent scratching when they are pulled and pushed. Keep an eye on the pads and change them every few months as grit can get embedded in the padding and scratch the surface of your hardwood floor.
  7. Eventually, after years of daily activity, your hardwood floors will start to show signs of wear. That’s when it’s a perfect time to call Hardwood Giant of Charlotte NC for our floor refinishing service.

Hardwood Floor Installation Charlotte

Newly Finished Hardwood Floor Maintenance Charlotte, NC

Your newly finished hardwood floor is a long term investment. You can protect your hardwood floor project while improving the value of your home by maintaining the quality of your brand new floor with these helpful tips:

  1. Avoid cleaning your newly refinished floors for 7 days. After that period you can begin your regular hardwood floor maintenance.
  2. Wait 48 hours before allowing pets to walk on the hardwoods.
  3. Wait 7 days before placing area rugs on hardwood floors.
  4. Allow 72 hours before moving your furniture back onto the floors.
  5. Wait 24 hours before walking on the hardwood floors with stocking feet. You may walk on the floors with soft sole shoes after another 24 hours.
  6. Install EZ-Glide protectors on the feet of your furniture. Do not drag furniture or appliances on hardwood flooring.

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