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Remodeling Ideas to Pair With New Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors have been popular for over 400 years, and in this time, it’s weaved in and out of popularity while always being the staple favorite of many. In the modern day, hardwood floors are needed to make a property feel like home and give any house a welcoming and familiar feeling.

If you’re ready to install hardwood floors and want to make sure the rest of your home stays up to date, these are the top remodeling ideas that will go hand in hand with the change.

1. Visual Interest That Works With Wood Floors

One of the best ways to compliment an area of your home, like new hardwood floors, is to pull that texture and color into other areas of the rooms it’s in. For instance, if you have a kitchen that feels plain, but you want to pull your eyes up from the gorgeous flooring, you can use a white shiplap wall.

When treated as an accent wall, this choice can allow your kitchen to look refreshing, welcoming, and more modern. Shiplap can also allow a space to feel larger, pulling eyes upwards to a higher-feeling ceiling.

2. Updated Kitchen Cabinets to Add Balance

Your kitchen cabinets can say a lot about your home! One of the best parts of updating them is that a small kitchen renovation, instead of redoing the whole thing, can bring in a higher return on investment than you’d get otherwise.

Updating your kitchen cabinets with natural-toned wood that matches the flooring will make the entire room feel more purposeful and will leave people focused on your food and entertainment rather than just the room they’re in!

If you don’t want to update your cabinets by replacing them, you can instead update their stain or paint color so that it matches the floor instead. This is a cheaper option that still allows your kitchen to make a huge impact when people walk in. 

3. Touches of Warmth To Make the Floors More Welcoming

Hardwood floors are the most welcoming floors out there, but you can make them so much more than what they already are. This could be through adding more visually stunning light fixtures or by adding a new fireplace! A modern white stone fireplace can make a room look larger, feel more welcoming, and will pull all eyes front and center instead of allowing them to wander all over the room. This is an awesome choice for especially large living spaces or entries that you’re unsure about what else to do with. 

4. Limited Palette of Wood Tones Throughout

If you want to make your wood floors pop, use the same color and grain in other areas of the house. This could mean art, furniture, and so much more. Make sure to seal your floor with the best polyurethane for floors, and then focus that energy on creating a space that ties in the beautiful features of this wood.

If you don’t want to get too matchy, it’s also awesome to go one shade lighter or dark or play with the hue slightly, to create visual intrigue.

5. Acoustic Panels to Quiet the Click of Shoes and Paws

Although it’s easy to love hardwood floors, they can be noisy if you have heels or boots on or a dog or cat with claws that click. If that’s the case, it’s important to look for ways to quiet the noise. Nothing is as successful at this as hexagonal acoustic panels.

These panels will absorb sound and allow your entire room to feel more comfortable and intimate instead of creating echoing noise that can lead to headaches or discomfort. 

6. Spa-Like Bathrooms for Luxury

Luxury will be a big player in 2023 as people try to figure out what draws them to a specific home. You can add luxury to bathrooms by using waterproofed wood flooring, dark cabinets and fixtures, and attractive modern lighting.

Create a bathroom where anyone would be able to drift off into relaxation, coaxed in by the beautiful wood floor that’s throughout the rest of the home.

7. Larger Windows to Welcome in Natural Light

Big windows are a must if you want your hardwood floors to truly shine. Nothing shows off the grain and stain quite like sunlight, so it’s time to look at your current window layout. Do you have enough windows? Are they large enough? Think about the amount of natural light you want to bring in and talk to a pro who can make that happen for you.

Remodeling to Show Off Your New Floors is a Fantastic Idea!

Hardwood floors have a timeless beauty that can make any property look fantastic, but it’s still a good idea to update the rest of your home along with them! If you’re ready to make the switch, consider some of these other remodeling ideas!

Greg Harris is a freelance writer that loves expressing his comprehension and expertise on home renovation projects and materials. He lives in Bloomington, Indiana where he enjoys spending time with his wife and working on projects in his spare time. Greg’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource.