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How to Choose the Right Hue for Your Hardwood Floors

Whether you are planning on selling your home, looking to increase the value, or want to make visually appealing updates to your home – one of the best renovation decisions you can make is updating your flooring. Hardwood floors are a fantastic choice for many reasons including their durability, ease of maintenance, and the biggest factor… hardwood floors just look great! 

When you choose Hardwood Giant to install your hardwood flooring, you will find that the process really is a simple one. In fact, the only real dilemma you may encounter is which great hardwood flooring option to go with.

Choosing the right hardwood flooring for your home can be stressful! Have no fear… start right here with the question… do you want to go with a light or dark hardwood floors? Based on our experience of being in the business for 25+ years, we’ve broken down the main differences between these two primary color choice options, so that you can choose the right hardwood for both your home and your lifestyle

The Advantages of a Light Wood Finish

Light wood finishes are a common choice for residential homes – and for a variety of reasons.

One of the first advantages is that this type of wood finish is less likely to show or highlight scratches, dust or debris. If you live a busy lifestyle or are hard on your floors – this may be a great choice for your new floor installation

They are the perfect neutral foundation for any kind of color scheme you have in your home and match well with almost all upholstery patterns and furniture wood finishes.

Light wood flooring is also recommended for smaller spaces. It works to make a small interior space look larger and more open – a great idea if you are planning to sell your home in the future! If this is what you are looking to get out of your hardwood flooring, we suggest a finish like our White Oak Natural or the Amish Hand Scraped® Hard Maple Blush, as they add brightness to any room, particularly if your home has less natural light.

Choosing a Dark Wood Finish

For those wanting to achieve a luxurious or more dramatic statement – we definitely recommend a dark wood finish – consider something along the lines of a deep brown, natural cherry or mahogany color. 

When choosing a dark hardwood, matching the flooring to other elements in the home is recommended to tie things together, as it adds to a lavish look. For instance, if you are choosing a mahogany floor, you may want to carry out the wood tone colors through furnishings and decor, such as tables, railings, chair arms and legs, throw pillows and beams. For a more dramatic statement, contrast the look with fresh white walls or crown molding. 

A fallback to a dark wood finish is that it can require more cleaning and maintenance. Dark colors tend to show more dust and pet hair more readily than lighter wood options would. But have no fear, if you have concerns with this, there are high quality finish options and products that can assist you with getting the best out of your dark hardwood floors. 

Want to know more about installing new hardwood floors in your home? Visit us online to learn about our easy installation process, or call our team of experts at (704) 251-7279 with any questions and to book your free no-obligation estimate today. 

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