Top 3 Dog-Friendly Flooring Options

There’s no doubt about it, with all of the love, security and fun dogs can offer – they are definitely considered part of the family. However, even though these furry friends are considered a family member, they often come along with a bit more wear and tear to a home and furniture than humans do. 

Beautiful flooring is often a worry we see in our customers when it comes to their pets. But you don’t have to sacrifice beautiful floors when it comes to your dog. There are flooring options that are tough enough to withstand scratches, stains or spills and are relatively easy to maintain as well – all while protecting your investment. 

So, when looking to replace your current flooring to be more dog-friendly, following are a few options that our flooring professionals, here at Hardwood Giant, recommend you should consider.

1. Laminate Floors

It is common for people to have a misconception when it comes to laminate flooring. It often gets associated with an outdated look – but the reality, simply isn’t so. In fact, laminate has come a long way and can look like almost any kind of flooring out there.

High-quality laminate can even closely match the appearance of genuine hardwood. It is good for dog owners because it is resistant to moisture and highly durable, meaning that a dog is unlikely to stain it or scratch it with its claws. Even if your dog does cause damage to an area of your floor, laminate comes in planks or tiles, meaning that it is relatively easy to remove and replace the damaged portion without tearing up the entire floor.

2. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring is made of a different material than laminate but offers many of the same advantages. Like laminate, it is durable and stands up well to stains and spills due to its moisture resistance, but offers a more luxurious look and feel. 

In fact, this growing flooring trend’s advent of 3D imaging has made it easier than ever to recreate the textures, colors and grain of natural wood and stone. Luxury vinyl plank flooring mimics these natural qualities so well you actually might have trouble telling the difference between it and real hardwood floors.

When you install vinyl planks, it is easy to replace a small area of damage, just like it is with laminate. Also like laminate, Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring ranges in quality, and the high-quality options can mimic the appearance of hardwood so successfully that some people might not even notice the difference. And if hardwood flooring isn’t the look you want, luxury vinyl plank also can mimic 

3. Pet Friendly Hardwood Floors

While there are many advantages to hardwood, it is often thought of as not the most dog-friendly flooring option available. Depending on what kind we are talking about, most can be vulnerable to scratches, and moisture from pet accidents can damage it. However it doesn’t necessarily mean your dog and hardwood floors can’t coexist. 

When it comes to installing hardwood and your dog, we recommend a wood that is pretty durable against scratches and moisture, such as hard maple, as it withstands heavy traffic, making it a good domestic hardwood option. If you’re looking for the hardest and most durable wood floor, you might also want to consider some exotic hardwoods. 

The Next Step 

Just as flooring options vary, we understand dogs do as well – so depending on the personality of your furry family member, plenty of more great options may be available. We suggest discussing your pet and flooring needs with a flooring expert.

The Hardwood Giant offers a range of dog-friendly flooring options in different materials – and our team would be happy to help you make the best decision for you and your home.  

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