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Charlotte, NC Hardwood Flooring Installation and Refinishing

What to expect during Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing.

Installation of new hardwood floors; sand and finish / Refinishing existing hardwoods. 

The Hardwood Giant of Charlotte, NC. will arrange access and time when the Hardwood Floor Installation & Hardwood Floor Refinishing will start. It takes typically 4-6 days for a sand and finish job. Of course, there are variances depending on specifics of job. Room(s) will need to be cleared of all furniture, wall hangings, etc. It is important to keep room temperatures at approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity low. Failure to do this will cause wood to expand with humidity level not allowing for ideal wood installation.


After floors are installed the sanding process will begin. Wood will be stained; then first coat of sealer applied; followed up with 2 additional protective coats. Dry times depend on product you choose; oil based finish takes 8-12 hours for each coat to dry; however humidity can sometimes increase dry times. Water based finishes take 2-4 hours to dry (but is a slight cost increase). It is very important not to have foot traffic on floors during this process. Doing so can affect the outcome of finish. Should this be a remodel, ensure that other contractors are scheduled outside of the 3-4 day process of your hardwood flooring project. If you’re planning other construction projects after hardwoods are installed it is important you protect your hardwood floors while other trades are working in these same areas.

After final coat of finish totally dries (not tacky in anyway) you may move furniture back in place. We recommend using felt covers on all furniture legs. Do not scoot or drag objects across floor. It’s recommended not putting rugs or extremely heavy furniture on freshly finished hardwood for 30 days until finish has fully cured.

Prefinished Floors and Laminates: There are no down times with these applications except for the installation itself. However, the same protective measures mentioned above apply; with exception of finish curing times.

Electrical Access:  220v (30 amp) outlet is needed to run our large sanding machines.  This is usually a dryer outlet size.

Painting & Touch up: We try to be extremely careful during the process; however, it might be necessary to touch up some paint after work is completed.

Wood and Humidity:

Wood expands and contracts with humidity. Wood is most stable at 40% relative humidity. We recommend using a basement dehumidifier during humid  months.

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