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8 Questions To Ask When Buying Hardwood Flooring

Nothing improves the look and feel of your home faster than new flooring – and if you’re looking for flooring that adds beauty, will increase the value of your home, and is timeless… you most undoubtedly are looking at hardwood floors. 

Hardwood flooring is not inexpensive – you truly get what you pay for when it comes to this great investment for your home. With that being said, it is important to choose the right hardwood flooring experts for the best overall experience from start to finish. This includes a company who has your best interest at heart, and will help you select a hardwood that is right for not only you, but your family, your home, your lifestyle and budget. 

Feeling a little overwhelmed on how to select the right hardwood flooring experts for the job? Don’t be. Our team put together this list of questions you should be asking candidates, to ensure you are selecting the right professionals for the job. 

  1. What’s the Best Type of Hardwood for My Needs?

There are many different options when it comes to hardwood flooring, and which one you choose really depends on your home, your family and lifestyle. A flooring company should provide you with several hardwood options and help guide you toward the one that fits your needs best.

The most common types of wood used in floors are maple, cherry and oak.

  1. How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

How much you’ll end up paying depends on the size of your space as well as the species of wood you choose, but the company you’re considering should provide you with an estimate so you can determine what will fit within your budget.

  1. What Does the Warranty Cover?

Check out any written warranty before installation begins, and make sure it covers any problems you may have concerns with. 

  1. When Is the Best Time To Install?

Many experts suggest that Spring is the best time for flooring installation, for reasons including temperature, humidity levels and access to ventilation.

  1. Do I Have To Move My Own Furniture?

Some companies require homeowners to move their own furniture. If this isn’t an issue for you, then go ahead with hiring that company. However, if you need someone else to do the heavy lifting, make sure that the flooring company can do it for you or contract with another person or company who will. 

  1. Is the Company Licensed and Insured?

Protecting yourself is important when hiring people to work on your home. Don’t hire a flooring contractor who doesn’t have insurance or who hasn’t completed required licensing. This ensures that if there is an issue, you won’t have to fight for coverage or lose out on your hard-earned money.

  1. What Is the Cleanup Process?

If you’re replacing old flooring, you’ll need to find out if the contractor will dispose of whatever is removed or if you’ll have to handle it yourself. Some companies may charge extra, while others include it in the cost.

  1. How Do I Care for My New Floor?

Even before installation, it’s a good idea to understand how to care for the type of flooring you’ve chosen. If it seems like it’s too much of a hassle for your lifestyle, it’s time to change to something that is more hands-off.

Ready to Hire The Right Wood Flooring Professionals? 

At The Hardwood Giant, customer satisfaction is what has made our business so successful. Our business was founded on the philosophy that every customer is a pipeline to many new customers. Show the customer you care, and business will thrive. We are committed to your satisfaction every step of the way. Our work is never finished until you are completely satisfied and happy.

We would love to hear what you envision for hardwood flooring in your home and help you make the right decision for you. Contact our team at (704) 251-7279 for a Free, No Obligation Consultation and Estimate today!