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7 Hardwood Flooring Trends To Consider for Your Home in 2022

The beauty of hardwood floors is popular with homeowners this year, and that trend should continue in 2022. Various styles and color options are available to fit any design choice you crave. Here are seven favorite wood flooring trends to consider for your home.

1. Reclaimed

Home design television shows popularized the installation of flooring made of reclaimed wood rescued from older dwellings and barns. This choice benefits the environment and is popular with history lovers who desire a unique design.

2. Weathered

The farmhouse look still reigns in homes today, and the rustic appearance of weathered wood is the preferred favorite. The planks are brushed and scraped to dull the sheen and add imperfections that mimic a well-worn floor.

3. Bleached

The soft look of whiter wood is the top design choice for seaside homes and country cottages. The bleaching process gives the wood an ashy appearance but keeps the visible charm of the wood grain intact.

4. Smoked

Smoked wood panels appeal to homeowners looking for a more luxurious appearance than stained hardwood. The smoking process enhances the color and grain of the wood to showcase its natural beauty.

5. Patterned

Laying the wood in a unique pattern became trendy this year, and this will continue in 2022. Bucking the traditional wood floor layout for a herringbone or chevron pattern is an excellent choice to make your floors a star accent in a dining room, kitchen or living room. 

6. Custom

Today’s wood flooring manufacturers offer several ways to give your floors a custom look. Longer and wider boards are readily available. Colors options range from light whites to a deep walnut tone. You can select a shiny and polished finish to the wood or have it toned down to a low sheen.

7. Faux

New technology makes luxurious vinyl plank flooring mimic the look of natural wood. In fact, they look so realistic they often fool design professionals! Busy families with young children love this option for its durability, long lifespan and water resistance. It is also popular with those on a tight budget as it costs less than hardwood and is easier to install.

These seven hardwood flooring trends offer a design style sure to suit the taste of every homeowner. So why not try one for your home this year?

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