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What Are the Advantages of Unfinished and Prefinished Flooring?

The differences between the two types of flooring lie in their names. Prefinished flooring is typically sanded, stained and finished before installation, while unfinished flooring goes through these steps once installed. Both are beautiful options for large and smaller projects. However, for contractors and homeowners alike, their advantages often help make the purchasing decision.

The Advantages of Unfinished Flooring

Many experts recommend unfinished flooring over prefinished for the following reasons:

  • Easy to Clean and Refinish: Without the sanding, staining and finishing, unfinished flooring is in its raw form when laid down, which makes it easier to clean and refinish. It has none of the bevels of prefinished flooring, which often collect particulates such as dust and dirt. 
  • Abundant Finish Options: With unfinished flooring, you can choose from a wide variety of standard or customized finishes, whatever suits your project. Whether you’re looking for a rust- or gold-colored finish, you can find or create it. You can also find finishes that work best for your particular wood of choice, from poplar to yellow pine.
  • Appropriate for Large Construction Projects: When contractors work on large homes or buildings, unfinished flooring allows them to deal with scratches and dings in one go, right before finishing. 
  • Highlights the Woods’ Grains and Textures: Prefinished flooring’s staining and finishing prevent wood’s natural grain and texture from shining through. Unfinished flooring’s wood keeps its natural characteristics, adding beautiful grain and texture to any project.

The Advantages of Prefinished Flooring

Contractors and homeowners may choose prefinished flooring for some or all of the following reasons:

  • Fast Installation: Compared with unfinished flooring, prefinished goes down fast. Small projects, in particular, can often be accomplished in a few hours.
  • Lower Price: In comparison with unfinished flooring, prefinished typically comes out to a lower price after the contractor or homeowner computes the finishing and installation costs.
  • Less Vapors: When you choose unfinished flooring, you’ll likely have to withstand the vapors of polyurethane solvents and resins during the finishing process. With prefinished, that’s all taken care of in a factory far from your home.
  • Ready To Use: One of the most significant selling points of prefinished flooring is its readiness to use after installation. Busy business people and homeowners love this advantage, allowing them to continue with daily life as soon as possible.

To learn more about prefinished and unfinished flooring, contact us online or call our team of flooring experts at (704) 251-7279 to discuss your options, get a free consultation, and start your new flooring project today!