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Waxhaw Hardwood Floor Installation

A high quality hardwood floor can enhance the appearance of your home along with its value. If you are searching for quality hardwood flooring, you should call the Hardwood Giant Company. Our company offers the best flooring services in North Carolina including refinishing, sanding, and hardwood floor installation. These services will surely suit your tastes when it comes to flooring designs.

One thing is for sure when you ask for the help of our company: we will guarantee that the installation of your hardwood flooring is done properly. We have well-experienced and knowledgeable workers who are committed to performing their jobs in the best way possible.  They also observe the best practices in the installation process. They will make sure that they incorporate all the essential elements in hardwood floor installation such as patterns, borders, and mixed painted wood floors. As a result, your floor will look great.

Our company has years of experience in providing hardwood flooring installation. Individuals will be assured that the hardwood floors installed by our company are long lasting and durable. Hardwood flooring has three types: parquet, plank, and strip. The specific sections in wood strip flooring are normally 1 ½ to 5 ¼ inches. The plank flooring strips are larger and parquet floors are made of specialized squares that create a geometric pattern.

The most important factor of hardwood floor installation is choosing the right kind of wood. When installing hardwood, raw hardwood, or pre-finished, the substitute floor is really important. It must be smooth and dry to generate the ideal environment for your floor.

Hardwood floors are a type of floor that most homeowners want. The Hardwood Giant Company can give you the floors you want because we provide the best Waxhaw hardwood floor installation services. Contact us for your installation or refinishing questions at