5 Hardwood Flooring Myths: BUSTED

Hardwood floors are one of the most desirable features when it comes to a home’s value and aesthetics, however a few pervasive myths may prevent homeowners from making the decision to upgrade their floors from non hardwood to hardwood. Fortunately for hardwood lovers everywhere, myths like these simply aren’t true and we’re here to shed some light on why hardwood floors are a great addition and investment in your home.

Myth 1: Hardwood Floors Are Expensive

Like many home improvement projects, it is common to find tiered pricing ranges when it comes to selecting hardwood for flooring installation – a lower cost, medium and then higher. Cost is affected by many factors – wood finish, uniqueness, importing vs domestic, installation requirements, etc. Sure, some hardwood floors are more costly than other flooring options, but there are many different types of hardwood and some may surprise you in just how low the cost can be. If you are looking for a particular wood, keep in mind exotic woods will fall in a more expensive range.

Depending on what you choose, hardwood flooring may tend to present more associated costs with installation than other flooring types. However, unlike other flooring types, hardwood can last a lifetime when properly cared for. This means paying a little extra now will save significant money down the road when other flooring types would need replacement or maintenance. When you invest in hardwood floors, you are making a long term investment for your home.

Myth 2: Hardwood Floors – Bad For The Environment

Many believe purchasing hardwood floors means contributing to deforestation, however this is not the case. Many companies have developed sustainable harvesting practices, creating a significant environmental impact long-term.

Environmentally conscious homeowners can dig into the specifics of manufacturer practices and find a company whose harvesting reflects their personal ethos.

Myth 3: Hardwood Is Easy To Damage

All wood is not created equal. Some types of hardwood are more susceptible to scratches and dents than others. In a home with pets, children or other common sources contributing to harder wear and tear than average foot traffic, a harder type of wood may be appropriate. Industry professionals like the ones at The Hardwood Giant will be able to offer well-informed advice about the best types of hardwood flooring for any given lifestyle.

It’s important to note hardwood is one of the only flooring types able to be made to look brand new even after damage is sustained. For example, scratches can be eliminated with minimal effort.

Myth 4: Hardwood Floors Are High Maintenance

Hardwood requires significantly less maintenance than carpeting. What’s more, hardwood requires fewer and less costly cleaning products to maintain. They also do not trap allergens, like dust, dander and pollen – very common with carpeting.

Beyond this, replacing flooring is by far the highest maintenance it can require, and hardwood can last hundreds of years when properly cared for.

Myth 5: If You Plan On Moving, You Shouldn’t Install Hardwood Floors

While it’s true hardwood may be considered a costly investment for a starter home, it ends up paying for itself in the long run. A home with hardwood floors will cast a wider net of appeal and even has the potential to increase the home’s value. Installing hardwood floors in a home will increase the chances of an easier sell, saving invaluable time and stress.

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