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4 Ways To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Resplendent

Buildings that boast beautiful hardwood floors offer a combination of traditional appeal and elegance. From maple to mahogany to the more upscale teak, hardwood floors exhibit unique personalities that complement the rest of the dwelling. Though they are constantly dealing with foot traffic and other elements, there are ways to help your floors retain their engagement factor.

1. Be Diligent in Your Cleaning Routine

Floors are so exposed to foot traffic, spills, outside elements like melting snow or mud and scores of other potentially degrading things means that they deserve to be cleaned often. If dust bunnies are building up in the corners or the dog’s pawprints are providing a semi-permanent floor design, it’s time to clean. Things like water, clay and sand that come in from the outdoors can slowly strip away the floor’s protective layer. Sweeping or dusting should be done daily while mopping can be done once or twice a week.  

2. Employ Furniture Pads

Furniture is the biggest culprit for scratches. When it is dragged around or moves under our weight, we end up with scratches that must be buffed out, lest they ruin the perfect symmetry. Furniture pads are simply little stickers that adhere to the bottom of the legs of furniture and they are an easy and proactive way to keep floors unblemished. 

Some rugs have an underside whose toxins can eat away at a floor when it reacts with the finish. The best way to avoid this is to employ a non-skid pad to add a thin layer of separation between the floor and the rug.

3. Apply Wood Cleaner Every Month

Wood floor cleaner can both protect and reintroduce a floor’s luster. Cleaners can be applied with a mop or rag, depending on the size of the job. Some can be sprayed right out of the bottle and some must be mixed with water. Most wood floor cleaners dry in less than 30 minutes.

4. Buff and Recoat

Every three to five years, hardwood floors should be refinished. This generally involves buffing out imperfections like scratches and then reapplying a new finish. If buffing does the trick, there is no need to sand down to the bare wood. Every ten years, they should be sanded down to the bare wood and refinished.

Hardwood floors add a gorgeous textual feel to a building and are pretty easy to maintain. Contact The Hardwood Giant at (704) 251-7279 for all of your hardwood or laminate flooring needs. We can set up a free consultation, expertly install or finish your floors, and we offer 100% customer satisfaction.