Hardwood Floor Installation Charlotte NC

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Quality Installation

One thing you can be assured of is that when you hire The Hardwood Giant for a hardwood floor installation in Charlotte, it will be done right. Our skilled craftsmen know hardwood floors inside and out and have years of experience working with the different species of wood as well as the high-quality products like stains and seals that we use. Additionally, we specialize in custom hardwood installations: borders, patterns, mixed species & custom painted wood floors. Your new floor will look great!

Hardwood Floor Installation in Your Charlotte Area Home

The most important part of a hardwood floor installation is selecting your species of wood, an appropriate stain (if applicable), and a finish that meets your needs. We will patiently assist you and offer our expertise to make sure you are confident in your selection. When installing hardwood, pre-finished, laminate, or raw hardwood, the sub floor is critically important. It should be dry and smooth to create the optimal environment for your floor.

Raw/ Unfinished Hardwood

Unfinished hardwood is the most common type of flooring installation. Select from an extensive array of species, colors, and board widths ready to be laid in your home. We will be glad to show you all of the styles and brands that we have available, and we can order the flooring for you as well. Once you decide on the product that will work best for your home, we will install, sand, and seal your new hardwood floor.

Wood Floor Choices For Your Charlotte Home

We offer and stock all domestic hardwoods including Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Hickory, Pine, Ash, and Walnut. We also have a large selection of exotics: Brazilian Cherry, Bamboo, Teak, Brazilian Pecan, Jatoba and every other exotic available.

Hand Scraped & Distressed Wood Floors

While time consuming and requiring an exorbitant amount of handwork, we are one of the only wood flooring contractors in the Carolina’s who offers old world hand scraped & distressed wood floors on site. Hand scraped floors are truly unique. Just like their name implies, they are scraped by hand giving each plank its own unique markings and features. Grooves and gouges create a rustic, rugged appeal. Hand scraped floors add charm and warmth to any home. Distressed hardwood floors mimic the look of real hand scraped floors but the distressed look is created by a process in a factory as opposed to truly handmade. Not having to hand scrape each piece lowers production costs and can be a great option if you like the hand scraped look but your budget won’t allow it. Luckily, we are one of the largest installers of hand scraped and distressed hardwood floors in the Carolinas and have partnered with a major distributor so we can offer our own line of Hardwood Giant hardwood flooring and pre-finished stair treads at wholesale prices.

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