Hardwood Flooring in Matthews, NC

The Hardwood Giant Co., ranks as one of the top providers of hardwood flooring and professional flooring services in Matthews, NC, as well as in the communities surrounding it. Our goal is to provide each of our clients with the beautiful hardwood floors they desire in a timely fashion. As such, we keep many of the local hardwoods in stock.

Hardwood Flooring Services Available in Matthews, NC, and its Surrounding Communities

We offer a variety of professional flooring services: When you choose The Hardwood Giant Company in NC, you know that our experts have every aspect of floor installation, resurfacing and refinishing covered.

Other services we offer to homeowners in and around Matthews, NC, include:

  • Refinishing and resurfacing of hardwood floors.
  • Installation of engineered, floating, unfinished and prefinished flooring.
  • Iron and wood staircase installation.
  • Vinyl, Laminate and Cork flooring installation.

Licensed and Insured Hardwood Flooring Contractors near Matthews, NC

Since most of our business involves hardwood flooring installation and refinishing, we frequently work with hardwood floors: As such, our craftsmen have become hardwood flooring specialists. Homeowners throughout and around Matthews, NC, can rely on The Hardwood Giant Company’s expert craftsmen to provide them with the highest quality hardwood floor installation and refinishing available in and around Charlotte, NC.

All of our contractors are licensed and insured. Furthermore, our Worker’s Compensation policy covers each of our representatives and craftsmen. Therefore, in the event of an unforeseen incident, homeowners can be confident knowing that The Hardwood Giant Company has it covered.

Numerous Hardwood Flooring Options are Available at The Hardwood Giant Company

The characteristics of hardwood floors vary greatly: The species of wood used, the stain choice and the finish will determine the final result. The Hardwood Giant Company’s installation crews are skilled craftsmen. Each of our craftsman is highly qualified and works solely with hardwood, prefinished and laminate flooring. Furthermore, when combined, our craftsmen have almost 40 years of experience in installing, maintaining and refinishing hardwood floors. In addition, our craftsmen have experience working on a variety of hardwood staircase projects.

When requested, The Hardwood Giant Company’s expert craftsmen use their skills, experience and artistic vision to assist clients in choosing hardwood flooring characteristics that will complement their space.

The Benefits of Hardwood Flooring for Homeowners in Matthews, NC and the Surrounding Areas

Hardwood flooring offers homeowners a variety of benefits, some of which include:

  • Hardwood floors can add beauty and elegance to any home.
  • Since hardwood floors can be refinished, they are essentially timeless. This is one of the reasons that many homeowners in Matthews, NC, choose to have hardwood floors installed.
  • The numerous hardwood flooring options that are available at The Hardwood Giant Company ensure that you will find a style that suits your taste, as well as your lifestyle.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that wood floors reduce the number of dust particles that accumulate. Wood floors also reduce mold growth, chemical residues and allergens throughout the home.
  • Hardwood floors are ideal for use in small rooms because they tend to make a room appear larger than it really is.
  • Carpets can become a breeding ground for particulate matter that can damage the lungs. Consider that, unlike adults, babies, toddlers and pets are frequently near the floor: This puts them at a greater risk of developing lung issues due to the inhalation of these particles. Removing carpet and replacing it with a hardwood floor provides your family with a safer living environment.
  • Consumer Reports states that hardwood flooring may increase a home’s value. In addition, wood is a renewable source; therefore, wood flooring is also environmentally friendly.
  • Wood flooring is reasonably priced. Furthermore, due to its ability to be refinished multiple times, hardwood floors can last a lifetime.
  • The hardwood flooring that our specialists install and refinish is crafted in such a way as to endure years of wear.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floor

When a hardwood floor is walked on repeatedly throughout the day and the night, its beautiful, lustrous characteristics may dim; however, with the proper care, your hardwood floors will remain shiny and gorgeous for years to come. Most hardwood floors can be cleaned using just a broom or a dry mop. However, if years of use have caused the lustrous shine of your hardwood floor to become dull, The Hardwood Giant Company can restore your floor’s luminous shine to bring out its beautiful characteristics once again.

The Hardwood Giant Company Offers Fast and Dependable Service to Homeowners in North Carolina

In Matthews, NC, and its surrounding communities, The Hardwood Giant Co., is well-known for its quick response and efficient turnaround time. Typically, we return all calls within 24 hours. In addition, we are usually able to begin a new hardwood flooring installation project within 48 hours of the request.

The Hardwood Giant is a Locally Owned and Operated Business

Because The Hardwood Giant Company is a locally owned and operated business, concerns related to a fly-by-night hardwood flooring crew are eliminated. All our work is guaranteed. Moreover, when you choose us to install, refinish, or maintain your hardwood floors, you provide support for Matthews, NC, as well as the communities surrounding it.

Why We Rank as a Premier Hardwood Flooring Contractor in North Carolina

We believe our dedication to providing the finest hardwood flooring products in combination with the desire of our flooring specialists to provide unsurpassed craftsmanship has served us well, making us one of the premier hardwood flooring contractors in and around Matthews, NC. This dedication and craftsmanship have also led to The Hardwood Giant Company’s distinction as an authorized installer of HomerWood’s Premium Hardwood Flooring, including the Traditional Character™, and Amish Hand-Scraped® collections.

If you are considering a hardwood floor installation, refinishing an already existent hardwood floor or maintaining a hardwood floor that has seen better days, contact us today at (704) 251-7279 to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation. Our mobile showcase allows you to view many of the hardwood-flooring options available: All from the comfort of your own home.