Hardwood Floor Refinishing Matthews, NC

Bringing out the true beauty of your hardwood floor can be accomplished through hardwood floor refinishing. At The Hardwood Giant Co., we have experienced, licensed and insured craftsmen who specialize in hardwood floor refinishing, repairing and installation. Years of experience have allowed us to refine our techniques, ensuring our clients in Matthews, NC, and its nearby communities, receive the beautiful, long-lasting refinishing results they desire.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Matthews, NC Can Address a Variety of Unsightly Issues

As time passes, it is likely that a hardwood floor will sustain dents, scuff marks, become dull and even sustain scratches; however, all of these can be addressed by a professional hardwood floor refinishing company like The Hardwood Giant, Co., in Charlotte, NC.

Common Reasons That a Hardwood Floor Becomes Damaged and Dull

Unsightly scratches may be caused by a beloved pet’s untrimmed nails or that favorite pair of high heels and the sun’s rays can discolor, and/or fade hardwood floors. However, there is hope: Our expert craftsmen can rejuvenate your once beautiful hardwood floor through hardwood floor refinishing.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Matthews, NC: A Cost-Effective Solution for a Dull, Damaged Hardwood Floor

Our hardwood flooring specialists provide in-home consultations to those residing in and around Matthews, NC. During this consultation, our specialist examines the floor that the homeowner would like to refinish. Once the examination is complete, the flooring specialist has a good idea as to the type of products that should be used to provide the client with the hardwood floor refinishing results he or she desires. In addition, the specialist will determine if the hardwood floor must be repaired prior to the hardwood floor refinishing process.

The Choice is Yours

If you like the color of the stain on the hardwood floor of your NC home, you can choose a stain that closely resembles that color or you can change things up by choosing something completely different. We may even be able to forego the staining process altogether and just apply the three protective coatings of urethane; thus, allowing you to enjoy the natural characteristics of the wood flooring itself.

Floor Preparation Prior to Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Matthews, NC

The Hardwood Giant Company’s hardwood flooring specialists will sand the floors, keeping the dust to a minimum by using our revolutionary dust containment system.

Any remaining floor-finishing products and/or scratches are removed through the sanding process. Therefore, no harsh chemicals are necessary during our hardwood floor refinishing process. By utilizing this dustless system, our craftsmen can sand the floor without the need to seal off the area. Our clients’ Matthews, NC, homes remain much cleaner than they would have if traditional hardwood floor refinishing techniques were used.

The Benefits of Using a Dust Containment System During the Floor Refinishing Process

When it comes to hardwood floor refinishing, dust containment is essential. For this reason, The Hardwood Giant Co., uses Bona and Clarke Dust Containment Systems (DCS). These systems are designed to allow for quick and easy cleanup following the refinishing project. Furthermore, when a dust containment system is not used and dust accumulates during the sanding process, the area must be thoroughly cleaned prior to applying the finishing products; otherwise, these dust particles can infiltrate into the stain or finish.

How the Bona and Clarke Dust Containment System Works

Throughout the sanding process, a powerful suction pulls the dust into a sealed tube. This tube is connected to a containment bin that is located just outside of the client’s NC home. These systems make it impossible for the dust created during the sanding process to pollute the air within the home. Besides being a convenient method for dust removal during hardwood floor refinishing, these systems are environmentally friendly.

The Hardwood Floor Refinishing Process in Matthews, NC, and its Surrounding Areas

The first step in refinishing a hardwood floor involves eliminating any inconsistencies using rough sandpaper. By removing any depressions or dings in the floor, a solid foundation is created to ensure that when the time comes to seal the floor, the urethane adheres well. Once the initial rough sand is complete, a finer sandpaper is used to remove any scratches that were created during the initial sanding process.

Our flooring specialists use a variety of machines as they prepare the floor for refinishing. During the final sanding round, the floor is buffed with a screen that is designed to bring the main floor and the edges together before the stain and/or urethane is applied.

Although our specialists use the DCS, they still perform a thorough vacuuming of the room to remove any dust or dirt that could negatively affect the quality of the finish.

Stain and/or Urethane

Homeowners in Matthews, NC, can customize their hardwood floor by choosing a stain color that complements their surroundings. Some homeowners want to enjoy the look of the wood itself and request a clear urethane coating without any additional coloring. Either way, the results achieved will be breathtaking. If a stain is to be applied, it will be applied first. If no stain is to be applied, the urethane process will begin.

Applying the Urethane (With or Without Stain)

Our flooring experts use a high-quality, commercial grade oil and H20 urethane finish by Bona, Glitsa, PoloPlaz and Synteko. Two coats will be applied and before the application of the final coat, the hardwood floor is buffed. This buffing process ensures that any imperfections are addressed, leaving a smooth surface for the final coat of urethane. We use the Bona, Glitsa, PoloPlaz and Synteko commercial grade oil and H2O finish because it is designed to extend the life of hardwood floors.

We Have Been Providing Hardwood Flooring Services for Two Decades

We have been providing our hardwood flooring services to homeowners in and around Matthews, NC, for nearly 20 years. Whether we are installing, repairing or refinishing a hardwood floor, our clients know that we are dedicated to providing them with the magnificent hardwood floor they envision. The work ethic and skill of our craftsmen as well as the quality of our products has made us one of the top hardwood floor refinishing contractors in Matthews, NC, and the communities surrounding it.

Individuals interested in hardwood floor refinishing, installation or repair who have a home in the Charlotte, NC, area should contact The Hardwood Giant Co., today at 704-251-7279 to schedule a free, no obligation consultation at their home. We will bring the hardwood flooring choices to you via our mobile showcase. Please contact us today to learn more.