Hardwood Floor Installation Matthews, NC

The Hardwood Giant Co., offers homeowners in Matthews, NC, as well as its surrounding communities, an enormous selection of high-quality wood and flooring products to choose from. Furthermore, as a premier hardwood floor installation company in Charlotte, NC, we only use superior products when repairing, installing and refinishing hardwood floors.

Expert Craftsmen Perform Hardwood Floor Installation in Matthews, NC

We take great pride in providing our clients with quality products and highly-skilled, licensed, and insured craftsmen: Whether you are interested in borders, custom-painted wood floors or a floor consisting of mixed wood species, and/or patterns, the expert craftsman at The Hardwood Giant Company have the skills necessary to provide you with the amazing hardwood floor installation results you desire.

The Importance of Hiring Experts to Perform Hardwood Floor Installation

Our craftsmen have been working with various species of wood and hardwood flooring products for years. Consequently, our experts know the characteristics of the different species of wood as well as if the species of wood you choose requires special care. Having this extensive knowledge allows The Hardwood Giant’s expert craftsmen to assist clients in determining the hardwood flooring and products that will serve them best.

Examples of floors requiring special care:

  • Clients who choose an exotic wood must avoid placing area rugs over their newly installed floor for at least six months: Following this recommendation is essential to ensure that UV rays from the sun do not alter the tone and/or color of the wood.
  • A hardwood floor installation expert knows how significant installing a smooth, dry sub floor beneath hardwood, raw hardwood, prefinished wood and laminate flooring is: A smooth, dry sub floor creates an ideal environment for the floor.

Choosing Your Wood Floor in Matthews, NC

At The Hardwood Giant Co., for the convenience of our clients, we keep domestic hardwoods in stock.

These hardwoods include:

  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Hickory
  • Walnut
  • Maple
  • Ash

We also offer a nice selection of exotics, including:

  • Bamboo
  • Brazilian Pecan
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Jatoba
  • Teak

Unfinished Hardwood: A Popular Choice in Matthews, NC

In Matthews, NC, and its surrounding communities, the most popular type of hardwood floor installation we perform is unfinished hardwood. At The Hardwood Giant Co., you will have the ability to select from an array of colors and wood species as well as a variety of board widths. Once you choose your unfinished hardwood flooring, if it is not already in stock, we will order it for you.

Hardwood Floor Installation in NC

After your hardwood flooring arrives, your hardwood floor installation date will be scheduled. On the day of your installation, our craftsmen will take measurements of the room, or rooms, that your new hardwood floor will be installed in. Once the measurements are taken and documented, the hardwood floor installation process can begin.

The Hardwood Giant Company’s hardwood floor experts will install, sand and then seal your new hardwood floor. During the sanding process, our experts use a dust containment system (DCS), which allows the rooms where the flooring is being installed to remain open to the rest of the home. Once the hardwood floor installation is complete, any remaining debris will be removed.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors in Matthews, NC

After your hardwood floor installation is complete, very little maintenance is required. And, since hardwood can be refinished several times, you will be able to enjoy your new hardwood floor for years.

Hardwood Flooring Designs

  • Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floor Installation

    – although creating distressed and hand-scraped hardwood flooring requires an exorbitant amount of handwork, The Hardwood Giant Co., continues to offer these beautifully unique floors to homeowners throughout Matthews, NC, as well as its surrounding communities. In fact, we are one of the only hardwood flooring installation contractors within the Carolina’s offering these beautifully handcrafted, absolutely unique flooring creations.

  • Distressed Hardwood Floor Installation in Matthews, NC

    – a distressed hardwood floor mimics the look of the real hand-scraped floors; however, this look is created in a factory. Since this look is less time-consuming, distressed hardwood floors are an economical option for those who like the look of hand-scraped wood, but do not have the budget for the ‘real’ thing.

Unique Hardwood Floors Available from HomerWood in NC

As one of the largest hardwood floor installation companies around Matthews, NC, offering distressed and hand-scraped wood, we have aligned with HomerWood, a major distributor of these products. HomerWood offers Amish Hand Scraped® hardwood flooring, Traditional Character™ hardwood flooring as well as soft-scraped, wire brushed or oil natural finished hardwood flooring. Our connection with this distributor allows us to offer our clients a line of uniquely-designed flooring.

One-of-a-Kind Hardwood Floors from HomerWood

The floors that HomerWood offers are available in various styles and colors. In addition, plank widths vary and are available in 7-, 8- or 14-inches across.

Traditional Character™ Hardwood Available in Matthews, NC

These floors are created using a single tree. Once the Traditional Character™ hardwood floor installation is complete, the unique graining and markings of the tree are preserved within the completed hardwood floor. A durable finish protects these one-of-a-kind characteristics, so they can be treasured for decades. Traditional Character™ flooring products include a 50-year warranty on its finish and a lifetime guarantee on the structural manufacturing of the floor.

Amish Hand-Scraped® Flooring Planks

Although most flooring that is considered ‘hand-scraped’ is created using a machine (i.e., distressed flooring), HomerWood’s hand-scraped planks are not manufactured, but are created by a Dutch craftsman who resides near HomerWood’s manufacturing facility, which is in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Appalachian Mountains. Therefore, each plank in the Amish Hand-Scraped® collection is a one-of-a-kind creation.

HomerWood’s Amish Hand-Scraped® Collection includes a 25-year finish warranty (residential) and a lifetime guarantee on the floor’s structural manufacturing.

These planks can range from 1 foot to 7 feet, with custom lengths up to 12 feet. In addition, the width of these planks can be 3/4 inch across (solid) or 5/8 inch across (engineered).

If you own a home that is located in or around Matthews, NC, and you would like to see the variety of hardwood flooring options that are available, call The Hardwood Giant Co., our phone number is 704.251.7279. We can schedule your free in-home consultation.